SHIFT Restaurant - Feb 26, 2019 (Tue)

Starting at: $145.00

Ohio ~ North Carolina ~ Kentucky
Electrical License Renewal Code Class
State Of Ohio (OCILB) Approved for Renewal of ALL TRADES!
Approved by the Ohio (OBBS) for ESI Renewal (8-hrs)

Tuesday - February 26, 2019

SHIFT Restaurant & Bar

24253 State Line Rd.
Lawrenceburg, IN. 47025
(812) 747-7512

Please Note:
The class cost quoted here is based on the "8-hr Class", which also includes the Ohio Inspector (ESI), Kentucky ME/EE, and/or the North Carolina requirements if needed! If you "only" need 4-or-8-hrs (OH), 8-hrs (ESI), 4-or-8-hrs (NC) or 6-hrs (KY), please choose the correct class from the drop-box below. The correct cost will be calculated in your shopping cart!
If you wish to pay by cash, check or credit card on the day of class, choose "Payment On Day Of Class" during checkout.

Discounts for "1st Time Attendance" and Advanced "Payment Online" can be found on the Discount Coupons Page, and entered on the final page of your registration checkout.

Only (1) Discount will apply for each class and Only Valid with Online Payment!

Class Hours:
07:30AM - 04:00PM (8-hrs)
07:30AM - 01:30PM (6-hrs)
09:30AM - 01:30PM (4-hrs)
09:30AM - 11:30AM (2-hrs)

This Class Starts 07:30AM
This Class was originally scheduled at
Kreimer's Beir Haus in Cleves, OH., but due to a
recent Fire, the code class will be at the above location!
(15-20 min West of Cleves)

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